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About the Author

Jarneec' Halsey

"Maybe the journey is not about becoming anything but unbecoming everything you were never created to be."- Unknown

The sun peeked through the thin lines of the blinds. How did she get her? Peace surrounds her like a warm blanket on a winter's day. She thinks back on past mistakes and many tears. It was her faith that brought her here.

If you ask Jarneec', a piece of paper and a pencil has always been her best friend. There is something about putting your thoughts into writing that can ease the troubled heart.

Growing up, Jarneec' would escape the difficulties of life by turning pages of books. Although battling Dyslexia and ADHD has attempted to cause a hindrance, her creativity thrived. Without any doubt, she dove into the unknown with her faith in Jesus Christ strapped on her back and the Word of God written in her heart. Building relationships with communities of all religions, ethnicities, and languages has impacted how she views life.  Some may call her crazy, but changing the world with hope, love, and truth will always be her driving force. 

Self-publishing a book has not been easy, but having a supportive husband and family has made the journey worthwhile. Jarneec's story, just like many of yours, is still being written. The beautiful thing about life is the gift of chasing a dream despite the outcome.


About the  Illustrator

It was the pencils and piece of paper that brought the vivid imagination living inside of Chelsea's head to life. At the bright age of two Chelsea started drawing. She had to face many misconceptions in her life because she is autistic. Peto, the Boy with the C-Shaped blood would not be anything without her. Chelsea may live a life coloring outside of the lines, but her illustrations are perfect.


Jarneec' Halsey

Author of "Peto, the Boy with the C-Shaped Blood"