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Donation Goal

At Peto's Journey LLC, we believe that transparency is essential for both growth and visitor loyalty. Below you’ll find our latest stats and numbers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Books Donated

As of Feburary 12, 2023 (Guam Time Zone)

Every donation counts, whether it's 1 book  or 100 books. We appreciate your giving! 

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"Even though Peto's blood cells were shaped like a C, it was his heart
that changed the world. " 

Each book donation is changing the life of everyone who reads it, because of your willingness to give hope, encourage laughter, and spread love. 

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Donate a Book

If you would like to purchase and donate a copy of "Peto, the Boy with the C-Shaped Blood"  to a hospital, doctor's office, or library; please use the link below. Specific hospital requests should be emailed to with the subject line Hospital Donation.

Thank you :)  

** Book donations will be posted on the website. **

Donate A Book: Welcome

Donation Recipients 

  • USA Children's & Women's Hospital

  • Sickle Cell Disease Association

  • Benjamin Russell Hospital

  • USA Children's & Women's Hospital

  • Benjamin Russell Hospital

  • USA Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center

  • Lexington Medical Center (SC)

  • Prisma Health Children’s Hospital ( Child Life)

  • Providence Alaska Medical Center
    in Anchorage, Alaska.

  • TMC For Children in Tucson, Arizona.

  • Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

  • McLeod Children's Hospital

  • Georgia Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center

  • Children's Hospital of Georgia

  • Children's Hospital Colorado Anschytz Campus

  • USA Children's & Women's Hospital

  • MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's
    Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina.

  • Chesapeake Regional Medical
    Center in Chesapeake, Virginia.

    Burbank, California

  • H.S. Truman Elementary 

  • Inarajan Elementary

  • Marcial Sablan Elementary

  • Merizo Elementary

  • Talofofo Elementary

  • Adacao Elementary

  • B.P. Carbullido Elementary

  • J.Q. San Miguel Elementary

  • Ordot/Chalan Pago Elementary

  • Price Elementary

  • P.C. Lujan Elementary

  • Agana Heights Elementary

  • Chief Brodie Elementary

  • C.L. Taitano Elementary

  • L.B. Johnson Elementary

  • Tamuning Elementary

  • Astumbo Elementary

  • D.L. Perez Elementary

  • Finegayan Elementary

  • J.M. Guerrero Elementary

  • m.A. Uiloa Elementary

  • Machananao Elementary

  • Upi Elementary

  • Wettengel Elementary

  • Andersen Elementary School

  • Mcool Elementary School

  • Sumter Library

  • USO Andersen Children Library

 Above are various Hospitals, Library's, Schools, Doctor Offices etc.  who have received their donated copy of "Peto, the boy with the C-shaped blood". Feel free to choose a hospital from our list of recommendations.

*This  list is updated when they receive a donated copy of the book. *

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