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Transforming An Author's Dream One Page At A Time

Building Trusted Partnerships In Book Publishing Success

Helping authors create, connect, and publish their books without the extra hardships and hidden agendas that could come along with big publishing companies.

Why not now?
Why not you? 

For the first time writer or those who are seasoned writers

Peto’s Journey LLC wants to help you own your craft and create your dream. Guiding  authors and visionaries on how to master their skills in writing, storytelling, and publishing; while building close relationships with the world around them. 

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Why Peto's Journey PUblishing

  • You need help writing your vision. 

  • Having an idea but don’t know where to start.

  • Created your work but now you’re scrambling to publish

  • Met great publishers but now you don’t own your work.

  • You have a drive to create more

  • You have resources and materials for your next book

  • You have a team that will guide you through the publishing process while establishing partnerships

  • Not only do you own the majority of your work but you can create your own business


Our Services

The Pencil

From Creation to print

Let's sketch and draw out your book from beginning to end. Guiding you from an idea to a vision in hand.

  • Develop manuscript (editing)

  • Illustration Design

  • Book Formatting 

  • 3 Rounds of Revisions

  • Printing

  • Distribution (if necessary)

  • Copyright Ownership

  • Partnered Promotion with Peto's Journey LLC

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The pen

From design to print

Marking your journey with ink and bringing your vision to your fingertips.

  • Editing book

  • Formatting book

  • Copyright Ownership

  • Printing

  • Distribution (if necessary)

  • Partnered Promotion with Peto's Journey LLC


the process

Strategy & Connect

Strategy call to connect your vision and formulate a plan to bring your book to life.

passion & pursuit

Getting excited to manifest your dream as we develop your story through formatting and design.

Purpose & fulfillment

Finalizing with print as you feel your ideas in the palm of your hands. Together we will rejoice with smiles & tears.

Hi, I'm jarneec


My grief turned into hope through my faith in Jesus Christ which sustains me through this entire process daily.  All the obstacles I went through as an author to publish my first book and to become a publisher inspired me to help others.


Your purpose and passion matters. Your dreams cannot do anything just sitting on a bookshelf, in the desires of your heart, or the forefront of your mind.  You can create something so tangible that you can physically feel, if you choose to believe.

meet the team

Get to know the team that will be working on your project with you.

frequently asked questions

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books published

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Coming Soon!
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client love

"Jarneec's creativity and eye for her client's audience is spot on! I love how efficient she is on returning her projects. Most importantly, her work is created in love and reflects her work ethic." 

Johndra Lewis, Guam

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