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Writing the vision and making it plain.

Our creativity for any project starts with you. Your vision, goal, and desire as an author encourages us at Peto's Journey.

Our mission

To  inspire hope, laughter, and love as we create a story that will stand the test of time.

Hi, I'm jarneec


Jarneec's grief  of losing her brother helped turned her despair into hope through her faith in Jesus Christ.  She dares to dream in the impossible and chooses to believe in the unthinkable. . All the obstacles she went through as an author to publish her first book and to become a publisher inspired her to help others.


Jarneec said,  "Your purpose and passion matters. Your dreams cannot do anything just sitting on the shelves of your heart. What we really believe to be true about ourselves will determine what we believe about our dreams.  This determines how far we are willing to go to pursue them".  


meet the team


Tony started drawing as soon as he could hold a crayon and haven't stopped since. he love creating characters and building worlds, but what he love the most is teaching others to do the same. He was born and raised on the island of Guam.

His Chamorro culture has created a foundation of unity and service.  HIs roots that are saturated in Guinaiya (love) has encouraged him to step out to become an illustrator.

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Novem is a graphic designer by choice but an artist by heart. She started drawing as a kid by tracing coloring books which would then evolve into a love for animation.


Silly cartoons and great animation inspired her to become an animator. Novem aims to one day tell her own story through her own eyes.


Hannah is a military spouse and momma that took her experience in Marketing and her love in design to combine the two creating Palm Breeze Digital. LLC. Hannah loves building logos, websites and helping business owners reach their full potential

Hannah loves the beach and be outside with her family. You can find her with her toes in the sand or painting a picture with her son!

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social media coordinator

Jennifer Valencia, a talented artist from Tucson , Arizona. Currently Working as a life photographer and muralist. With many years of graphic design, fine art, sculpting, and digital art background,


Jennifer loves assisting and working with clients on projects at any level. Loves creating products that are loyal to the fabric of the community, and inspiring others with art and photography.

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client love

"Jarneec's creativity and eye for her client's audience is spot on! I love how efficient she is on returning her projects. Most importantly, her work is created in love and reflects her work ethic."

Johndra Lewis, Guam


books published

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Coming Soon!
peto's story

Inspired by my brother the boy with the c-shaped blood.

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book series
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