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Book Series

Peto's Journey

Even though Peto’s blood cells are shaped like a c, it’s his heart that changed the world


For the Voices waiting to be heard

Not your average fictional children’s book

Peto helps to inspire kids to understand how to face real life while facing illness in this world.

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While teaching kids how to navigate friendship with those who look, act or even think differently from them. 

peto's story

Inspired by my brother the real life Peto

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Peto's book series

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It is our mission to have Peto’s Journey in every hospital in the United States



free printable resources

For parents & Teachers

Get your students involved in the journey with Peto! From color pages to crosswords we have fun activities for your students and kids to continue learning with Peto!

Let's Play Some Games!

From crosswords to word searches and more! Interactive games to help you learn more with Peto!

meet the author

hi, i'm jarneec

I was inspired to write Peto’s journey after going through this with my brother.. I wanted to honor his memory by keeping his story alive through these books.

books published

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Coming Soon!
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New Release
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request a reading

Get your students excited about Peto books with an interactive reading from the author. Accompanied with fun worksheets!

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